Entertainment News Hosts Qualifications

Becoming a news anchor or host is a dream for some people. Especially for entertainment news hosts where there are no need to be formal and serious like on the other shows. But it is quite hard for people to decide where to start since it is unlike singing, dancing or acting where the guide is pretty clear to start a career in those fields. First of all, there must be a standard requirement to become a host, and below are the common qualifications.


Before talking about skills needed, there are traits that also needed to become good entertainment news hosts. While skills are something that can be learned and taught, traits are something that people naturally have. First, to become a good host, confidence is the most important traits that must be had by every host wannabe. Either confidence with your appearance, mind and opinion is essential since a host will face lots kinds of guests and will be seen by large quantity of audiences. Being confident will make host feels comfortable in the stage. The comfortable and confident host also can make the guests and audiences comfortable as well.

Besides confidence, good host also must have the natural curiosity. It will take a huge part to create a good and flowing interview since it will make host curious about the guests and even more curious when they answering the questions. This will make the conversations look alive. It is a little bit different with interview skills. While interview skills can be taught, the natural curiosity will complete them.

Interview and improve skills

Entertainment news hosts usually is not just reading the news about artists but also entertain audiences by interviewing them directly. So, this makes interview skills become a basic skill to have. It covers skill to read situation, audience and mood in the stage so they can determine what action or question to make to break the ice. So, following the interview skills, a skill to do improvisation in stage is important. This skill also can avoid the awkwardness when guests make unexpected answer or there is unexpected events occur in the stage.

Coordination and time management

To make a show stay in the line, entertainment news hosts cannot work alone. They must be working together and coordinating with the production team. A host usually informed by these team with ear-prompter or tele-prompter. It also connects with host’s time management. In a limited timeslot, a good host must be able to maximize the information given to audiences.

Justin Timberlake Wears Again His Wedding Ring After the Scandal

Latest news celebrity USA – Recently, the public was shocked because of Justin Timberlake. Not because of his latest music or album, but the paparazzi captured a surprising and shocking moment where Justin Timberlake romantically held the hand of his co-star in Palmer Movie, Alisha Wainwright. He was holding the co-star’s hand under a bar’s table. Due to the shocking moment, a rumor appears that the singer is cheating on his wife, Jessica Biel. Choosing to stay silent for a while, Justin Timberlake then decided to speak up. Through his Instagram account, the handsome singer as well as actor confessed that he was totally drunk at that time, stated that he is sorry, and also wrote an apology to Jessica Biel. Yesterday, Justin Timberlake appears in public for the first time since his apology. The singer was captured in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Wearing Again His Wedding Ring

When Justin Timberlake was captured in New Orleans, Louisiana, paparazzi managed to capture a different view. Unlike when he was spending his time with Alisha Wainwright, this time Justin Timberlike is seen wearing his wedding ring again in his ring finger. The singer was rocking a sporty look while holding 2 drink bottles in his hands. Without caring about the paparazzi’s cameras, Justin Timberlake directly got into his car.

Justin Timberlake’s Apology

As it has been said before, Justin Timberlake posted his apology through his Instagram account. In his statement, the singer mentioned that he needed to make the rumor clear for the sake of his family. He admitted that he was wrong by holding his co-star hand because he was too drunk. However, the famous actor and singer made it clear by stating that there is nothing between him and Alisha Wainwright. He apologized to his wife and his family and stated his behavior at that time was not a good example for his son. He wants to be a good husband and father. In the end, Justin Timberlake mentioned that he is really proud to be involved and playing in Palmer Movie. He cannot wait to continue making process of the movie so that his fans can watch and enjoy it. In the middle of the shocking news, Jessica Biel suddenly appeared in public for the first time. She was captured in Los Angeles, wearing her wedding ring and smiling. Showing that she was fine. What do you think about this latest news celebrity USA?

Get More Information about Education in the US Here

Where to get more information about education in the US? Well, you can get them here. In general, the education system in the US offers many options for international students. When you are starting to search for it, you can easily choose universities, study program, and location. So, before you are deciding to register yourself in one of those universities, make sure to know the education system of the country properly. Here is the explanation.

The Educational Structure

Yes, you probably spend your lower education in a country outside the US. But in case you want to continue your study here, you need to know the general educational structure of this country. To continue their study, American students must enter primary and secondary schools when they are 12. Those years are known as grades 1-12. The primary school is known also as the elementary school for 5-6 years. Then, it is followed by the secondary school in the next 6 years. The secondary school is known also as high schools. After finishing them, they are allowed to go to college. Of course, many other students decide to work after that.

The Assessment System

Just like other American students, you need to send your academic transcript as a part of registration in the US. If your transcript fulfills the requirements, there will be an official statement from your academic scores. It is known as Grade Point Average (GPA). The same system is also conducted when you have been a student in the college. Each subject is assessed using percentage. Later, it converts into a letter assessment. Sometimes, the assessment system in the US is quite confusing mainly for international students. It can give you many interpretations. For example, 2 students from different schools send their transcripts to the same university. Their GPAs can be different based on the quality of their previous school. Moreover, it is if the standard differences of those 2 schools are significant.

The Academic Year

The academic year is commonly started in August or September and it is followed until May or June. Most of the new students start their studies in the fall season. In the beginning of college time is very interesting. Yes, you can get many new friends from inside or outside the US. Make sure to gather and socialize well with them, not only with friends from your country. Sure, it is also a good time to study hard for a better future.

Best Successful Business Ideas 2019

What came across your mind when we are talking about the best successful business ideas in 2019? What kind of business that you think will bring the most profit? Nowadays, it is not a rare sight to see many people, especially young ones, open up their own businesses. Starting from home business to large business, young people made their way to the business world. You do not even need special skills. As long as you know what business is and can grasp the idea of what you want to do, then you are safe to go. However, do keep in mind that not all businesses are profitable despite you having some great skills. Therefore, to help you decide, we will give you the list of profitable businesses that you can do.

Accounting Services

The first best successful business idea is by opening an accounting service. As you all know, accounting is the core of the business. Accounting functions as a support for everyone and every corporation. No wonder if accounting service is highly in demand. What you will do is related to business outsourcing, personal financial planning, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. With that being said, the net profit received by the accounting service company is around 18.3 percent.

Legal Services

The legal services are very much needed either in personal or professional areas. The reason is that law is not something that the amateur can handle. You need to be assisted by professional lawyers in the law department. The legal services are usually taking care of criminal law, business law, family law, estates, constitutional law, property law, personal injury law, and employment law. Just like the accounting services, legal services is considered as a profitable business. No wonder if the average profit of this business is around 17.4 percent.

Real Estate Sales

It has been known that nowadays, millennials are not interested in purchasing homes. Instead, they are more into renting homes. However, that does not mean that having a real estate business is not good. This business still has potential. The average net profit of this best successful business idea is around 17.4 percent for leasing and 14.8 percent for sales. In order to have great results, you need to be able to master accounting, payroll, management, repair, scheduling, marketing, and maintenance skills. Despite all of these skills, you do not need specific backgrounds to succeed in this business.

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