Latitude ON Button – Dell Latitude Laptops – How does it work?

Latitude ON Reader Button (on the left)

Latitude ON Button (on the left)

Dell Latitude ON Button lets you execute a sort of “instant-mini-operating system” by a simple and single push!

Dell Latitude ON “Reader” is the very first version of Latitude ON, and contains just e-mail service, calender and contacts. Unlike it’s newer versions, it doesn’t include Microsoft Office, Web Browser and Skype.

-Battery Consumption:

battery icon

It has been truly told by Dell that using this feature, you can run your notebook for days. This feature has  (or even more than that). This is remarkable and helping, as I have tested it and passed the result by working for a whole day on battery.

-Biggest Drawback of Latitude ON Reader:

Microsoft Outlook

The biggest drawback of this feature is that it requires Microsoft Outlook (any version, 2003 or older). Microsoft Outlook is an expensive software which costs 100 flat at the cheapest. Extremely less people (who bought the Dell Latitude laptops) have Microsoft Outlook, which makes this feature extremely less used.

-Configuring Latitude ON Reader:

If you have Microsoft Outlook, and would like to install this feature, the first thing you have got to do is to install it’s driver. Once you install the driver, you will have to launch the windows, and then press the Latitude ON Reader button. As soon as you press the button, the configuration window will open where you can easily configure this option without any problem.


In conclusion, I don’t have much to say about this as it’s an awesome feature if you HAVE purchase Microsoft Outlook and if you HAVEN’T purchased Microsoft Outlook, it’s just a super-annoying button hanging with you all the time. So do note that it is impossible to run this button without Microsoft Outlook at your notebook.

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  1. Bravo says:

    So… isn’t there any way of using this feature without any Microsoft Outlook or any costly software?

    • M.Raja
      M.Raja says:

      I am afraid there is no way to make it active without Microsoft Outlook software. However, you can find an illegal method of making it work but finding some hack of this software.

      But, do keep in mind, that’s illegal!

  2. Johnson_ says:

    Nice one! It’s nice to know about this button from this button, it has been travelling with me for a while now.

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