Learning to FLY with Gohan, along with Videl & Goten!

Gohan Teaching to Fly

Gohan Teaching Goten & Videl to Fly

Learning to FLY with Gohan, along with Videl & Goten! – It was a real mess to learn how to fly, till the release of 205th episode of Dragon Ball Z, in which Gohan made it all clear. According to Gohan, simply follow these 3 steps and you will know the secret of flying!

1: Gather your Energy (Ki) from the middle of your body:

At first step, concentrate at the energy from the middle of your body. When you start feeling it, just release it at the middle of both of your hand.

2: Learn to control the direction of that Energy (Ki):

Now you have to master the direction of that energy. Trying moving it up, down, left and right.

3: Fly with no worries!

At the last step, you have to concentrate the same Energy right below you. Then you will feel like you are flying and with a lot of practice, you can learn to fly just like Goku & Vegeta!

Don’t forget to express your experiences by commenting below. You should be able to fly like Goku now!

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  1. Trunks_100 says:

    I am gonna try it! 😉 I hope I will be as good as Gohan in flying.

  2. Billy_boy says:

    Tried it a lot but unsuccessful! 🙁

  3. Blitz says:

    Funny! 😛

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