Pokemon TCG turn Rules – Should you go First or Second?

Silver Palkia Coin from Pokemon TCG

Silver Palkia Coin from Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG turn Rules – Should you go First or Second? – This is a sort of mystery to solve within a few seconds after the win of toss. A little time back, before the change of official rules of Pokemon TCG, the player who used to win the toss used to go first and was able to attack + attach energy at the same time. This was a sort of luck-based advantage.

However, after the release of new rules, the whole drama has been changed. Now, the winning of toss doesn’t give much of the advantage. If you win the toss, there will be two possibilities out of which one must be chosen by you:


-Choose to play First:

In this case, you go first. You are allowed to attach energy, but even if you complete the requirement of the energy required to play an attack, you won’t be able to attack at first.


-Let your opponent play First:

According to this case, your opponent plays the first turn and the condition 1 applies to your opponent. As soon as the opponent’s turn ends, you will have your turn and will be able to attach energy + attack at the same time.

-Secret of decision making (if you win the toss):

If you have greater number of Pokemon in your deck which require two or more than two energy cards for the attack to become applicable, then you should go with the condition 1 (you should choose to play first). However, if you have lesser number of Pokemon in your deck which require just 1 energy card for the ability to attack, then go with the condition 2 so that you can attack right after attaching the energy card. Hypnotoxic Lasers (along with Virbank City Gym) have an advantage on going on first. But that all depends on the cards you draw at first as well.

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