Program to draw a star (six-sided) using DRAW statement (GW-BASIC)

Program to draw a star (six-sided)


10     REM Program to draw six-sided star using DRAW statement at GW-BASIC
20     CLS
30     SCREEN 2
40     DRAW “E60 F60 L120 BU40 R120 G60 H60”
50     END

Using the GW-BASIC emulator, I’ve created the following program:

Make Star using GW-BASIC

Make Star using GW-BASIC




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  1. Uvy says:

    Thanks for such nice instructions! I finally know how to make it! 🙂

  2. Uvy says:

    BTW, can you make a program to draw 5 sided star as well?

  3. Abdullah Naveed says:

    Very helpful but I dont understand use of BU can u help me Thank You in advance

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