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365ezone Hosting – I have hosted my websites for more than a year with this hosting service. I will express my comments and review about 365eZone hosting service & their support system.

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365eZone Hosting:

I hosted my website here (at shared web-hosting package) from end of 2012 till the start of 2014. Honestly, their service was superb till 2012. After that, at the beginning of 2013, I found a few downtime. Very little downtime was just fine with me, but by the end of 2013, their services got worse and worse. A lot of downtime, over-selling bandwidth in the fake name of “UNLIMITED” which caused the websites on shared-hosting to go down for the count. So, by the start of 2014, I’d say “Poor support-system quality, Poor up-time & Poor overall hosting.”

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Other than all this, my domain name is still hosted with them and what’s great, they offer free WHOIS protection which costs tens of dollars at some websites.

Unlike most other hosting/domain name services, they do accept Payza (formerly AlertPay) as payment-processing option with PayPal and Credit Card payments.

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>Pros of 365eZone Hosting:

-Cheaper prices of hosting & domain name services if compared with Snoork Hosting (also offers free WHOIS protection).
-Accepts Payza (formerly AlertPay) with PayPal/Credit Card.
-Includes affiliates system (better attraction of customers to this one than Snoork Hosting, maybe because of lesser prices).

>Cons of 365eZone Hosting:

-Worst up-time ever experienced by me.
-Bad support. Could take up-to 2 days to receive a reply to your ticket. Fake Live Chat (I have never seen it available for a month).

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NOTE: This review is mostly based on my own experience with 365eZone Hosting service.

“My posts/articles are not allowed to be stolen/copied anywhere at Cyber space. Doing so will allow me to take a legal action against the copier.”

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