Animated Banner in Photoshop – Basic Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Make an animated banner in Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop Basic Tutorials – Learn in 3 easy steps!

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First of all, simply design the first frame of the animation.

Animated Banner Tutorial

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Step 2:

Now, you’ll have to add the text of second frame. Add the new text as new layer and let the older one remain. Make the older text invisible by clicking the “eye” image. Like the following:

Make Animation using Photoshop

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Step 3:

From the menu bar, click on “Window” and select “Animation”. This will open up the animation window at the bottom. Click “Duplicate selected frames” button and then in the first frame, make only the first layer visible, and in second, keep the next frame visible.



Now simply save it up through “Save for Web & Devices”. The animated banner will be in .gif (graphics interchange format). Next tutorial will guide you through different features of animation addition in Photoshop, through which you can create some fancy animated banners.

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