Running Aurora GPT/PTC website guide for beginners & seniors – E-Book

E-Book Overview: This e-book is made to help aurora site owners. I have put my 100% effort in this e-book. This guide is completely perfect for both, newbie and senior aurora site owners. This e-book contains 45 problems and their solutions which are mostly needed by aurora site owners. Press Ctrl + F if you want to search for any problem in this e-book.

P.1) How much money would it take in start?

S.1) It depends completely on you, if you want a very good starting, you can invest up-to $1000 in just advertising. If you want to have slow start, you can advertise with just $50. $100 for just payouts in start would be fine, you should increase up the amount with every sale you get. You can have your site completely ready in $150 as well, suppose you keep $100 for initial payouts, $10 for domain name, $10 for hosting and $30 to hire a designer. Then it will depend all upon you that how much you’re willing to invest in advertising.

P.2) Which hosting should I choose?

S.2) There are many cheap/expensive web-hosting services available at eMoneySpace forums, choose from one of those.

P.3) What should be my hosting specification?

S.3) If you are making a rich PTC site, you can start up with the dedicated server hosting which is pretty costly and few owners start with it. But if you are going to run an average budget aurora site, start with the shared hosting which is much cheaper than dedicated server. You can transfer your site in future as well when you feel that your site has grown much. Plus you should have good amount of bandwidth space in your hosting service if you’re planning to promote your site a lot.

P.4) Which domain name providing site should I choose?

S.4) You should definitely buy the domain name with Godaddy if you’re having PayPal, but if you can only pay with Payza, it would be difficult to choose where to buy the domain from. You can go with this site as well with which currently I am having my domain name and paying via Payza: (feel free to join through my referral link :P) The domain purchasing option is given at the bottom of the page. You can hide your domain information from being public for free with this site too!

P.5) What kind of domain name should I choose?

S.5) You should purchase .com (first priority) or .net (second priority) domain name for sure. Otherwise you’ll cry till the end of your site. That’s what I am doing currently after making a mistake by purchasing .info domain. That is the really most worst part if you start a PTC site with .info or any other cheap domain name.

P.6) From where to purchase any of the aurora scripts?

S.6) I would highly recommend you to not to buy the script from the owners of scripts since for the same price, you can get much more at EMS forum. There are many many SDR, ESV & MRV resellers at EMS which could offer you lots of freebies if you purchase from them. Freebies can include e-books, scripts, domains, templates, addons and other few things. EMS Buy & Sell section link:

P.7) Should I purchase a template? Or run a site just by it’s basic template?

S.7) To attract the advertisers as well as members, you MUST have a very good template. Basic templates of SDR and MRV are very bad, you will hardly be able to get any advertiser with their basic templates. However ESV’s template is a little bit better but still you should have more good template. You can find a lot of good and cheap templates (some are unique too) at Buy & Sell section of forum.

P.8) I bought the site, from where to start setting it up?

S.8) After buying the site, you should NOT start promoting immediately as you need to do lots of things before that. You will have to change lots of settings. You can make a checklist as well of these things:
1. Logo
2. Banners
3. Favicon
4. Member/Advertiser benefits text
5. Site title

7. Terms of service text
8. Bottom text of page
9. Payment processors setup such as: Payza, PayPal, bitcoin, etc.
10. Prices settings
11. Paid to promote
12. Fixed daily link ads
13. Memberships
14. Minimum payouts
15. Checking bugs

If you do these things, your aurora site will be definitely at least 90% ready.

P.9) How to set up the logo? Where to buy it?

S.9) If you want a cheap and good logo for your aurora site, I will recommend you to check the EMS forum Buy & Sell section as there are many many designers there who provide logos for cheap. To set up the logo, you will need to go to your site’s cPanel > File Manager > Public FTP Root (public_ftp) > Go > public_html > templates > Then click on your template folder > image > now delete the mainlogo.png and upload your logo in the same folder by renaming it mainlogo.png. That’s all!

P.10) How to set up the banners? Where to buy them?

S.10) You can buy the banners from the same designer as well from which you will get the logo or you can select any other designer as well from that section of EMS forum as there are a lot of designers working in that section. To set up the banners, you will need to go to your site’s cPanel > File Manager > Public FTP Root (public_ftp) > Go > public_html > Now create a folder here with name “banners” if it is not already made > Then upload banners in it. Then your banners will appear in no time.

P.11) How to set up the Favicon? Where to get it?

S.11) Now if you want to get the Favicon (the icon which is shown in the address bar) then you can create it from here: for free. Make the size of favicon 16×16 since it’s the best size. To set up the favicon, you will need to go to your site’s cPanel > File Manager > Public FTP Root (public_ftp) > Go > public_html folder and upload it there. Your favicon will be displayed then.

P.12) How to set up member or advertiser benefits text?

S.12) For this you will have to go to your site’s cPanel > File Manager > Public FTP Root (public_ftp) > Go > public_html folder > templates > Your Template’s Folder >home.php. Select home.php and click on Edit. There you will see the text which is shown on the homepage. You can replace it with your text and click on Save Changes. Then you will have your text ready. You may need to clear your browser’s cache in order to view it all correctly.

P.13) From where can I change the site title?

S.13) Go to your site’s Admin Panel > Settings > Site Settings > Site Settings > Site Title. You can simply change it there.

P.14) How can I display the CAPTCHA?

S.14) Go to your site’s Admin Panel > Settings > Site Settings > Site Settings > Here you can change the CAPTCHA by marking a tick on the CAPTCHA you want.

P.15) How to change the ToS text?

S.15) Go to your site’s cPanel > File Manager > Public FTP Root (public_ftp) > Go > public_html folder > terms.php. Here you can edit your Terms of service. I would definitely recommend you to put something like this in your ToS so that you could be safe from being a loser to a future dispute: All the payments done to this site by advertisers and members are completely non-refundable, however we try our best to solve any problems occurring with them. If the payment made to us gets disputed by member or advertiser, that will lead to permanent suspension of their account.

P.16) How to change the bottom text of the page?

S.16) The text which is shown in the end of the page can be changed by going to your site’s cPanel > File Manager > Public FTP Root (public_ftp) > Go > public_html folder > templates > Your Template’s Folder > layout.php. Select layout.php and click on Edit. Now at the bottom of the page you will see the text which is shown on the bottom of your site’s page. You can replace it with your text and click on Save Changes. Then the text will be started to be shown there.

P.17) How to set up Payza/AlertPay for purchase?

S.17) To set up the payza as purchase option, you will first need to get your website in approval at Payza site. To do that, you will first have to login to your Payza account. Then click at My Payza Account and go to Manage Websites which is under “MANAGE MY BUSINESS” menu. There you will see a button “+ Add Website”, you have to click on it. Next, you will have to fill up the form. After submitting the form, it will take like 7 days to get accepted. But before submitting, look at the question written below.

P.18) My site has been approved, but my payza account is blocked and asking to verify your account, what to do now?

S.18) This would always happen once your site gets accepted if your account is not verified. You will have to verify your account in order to make it active for purchases. If you had put false information, then you will have to buy a VCC from someone to make it verified. VCC would cost you $5 – $6.

P.19) My account got verified, Payza accepted my site, what to do now in order to make it active?

S.19) Well everything is now clear on the road. You will now first have to login to your Payza account and click on IPN Advanced Integration which is under “MANAGE MY BUSINESS” menu. Then you will have to go to IPN Setup. There it will ask for your Transaction PIN which you will have to enter up and click at Access button. There you will see an option of “Alert URL”, you will have to enter this URL into it: http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/payment.php Replace the YOURDOMAIN.COM with your site’s domain. Once it’s done, click on Update button. Then you will get your IPN Security Code. You will have to copy it and close the Payza page. Now go to your Site’s Admin Panel > Settings > Selling > Payment Options. There you will have to tick up the Payza and put up your account e-mail, IPN Alert URL (this is the code which you copied in the previous step) and Payza Referral ID. Next you will have to click on save.

P.20) How to setup PayPal?

S.20) This is the most easiest payment processor to setup for purchases. You will just need your PayPal e-mail. Go to your site’s Admin Panel > Settings > Selling > Payment Options and fill up your PayPal e-mail in both boxes. You’re done then.

P.21) What should be the prices in the start of an aurora site?

S.21) Well in start, you should not expect any kind of profit. Profit will mainly fall when you will reach like 10,000+ members. So in start, make the prices close to 1:1. You can set up the prices by going to Site’s Admin Panel > Settings > Selling > Products.

P.22) Why do you recommend not to choose the Popups?

S.22) This kind of advertising is pretty too much annoying for both, members and advertisers. This will be the first bad impression on any visitor of yours. So it is definitely not recommended to enable it. A few pennies of earnings through Popups could make you lose a potential advertiser.

P.23) What should be the rate of PTP hits?

S.23) Well I would recommend you to not to enable this feature as there are very much PTP abusers these days which could create a lot of troubles in your business. This is why most admins disable this feature or make their values too much low. If you enable it, remember, most of the PTP system abusers are Vietnamese and Chinese.

P.24) How many fixed ads should I have?

S.24) You should have at least $0.005 worth of ads in your site in start. 5x $0.001 daily fixed ads should be good in start.

P.25) What kind of memberships should I make?

S.25) One membership priced at $5-$10 would be good. You should have like 10x $0.001 extra premium ads and some advertising credits upon joining. But since it’s an Aurora GPT website, don’t make any membership with huge pricing, as it won’t give you any purchase of memberships.

P.26) What should be the minimum payout?

S.26) As the site is Aurora, and provides little valued fixed ads. So the minimum payout should be low as well. $0.10 to $1.00 minimum payout should be good in start.

P.27) How can I check whether my site is ready to be promoted or still it contains bugs?

S.27) Create a member account through your admin panel, click on each and every link of homepage, login, view PTC, view PTR, enter some amount into your account through admin panel, withdraw them, pay them through admin panel and purchase anything by yourself through each payment processor. If each and every function works correctly, start promoting. You should launch some doubling promos as well in start when you’re promoting.

P.28) Which countries are worth to target while advertising?

S.28) USA, Canada and Australia are worth to target in my opinion. If you are advertising your website as PTC ad or Traffic Exchange ad and targeting these countries, your Alexa ranking would go great in these countries and could attract some advertisers globally as well because of your Alexa ranking statistics.

P.29) What are the few best places to advertise at?

S.29) I have advertised at lots of PTC sites. I will discuss about their results in this question. Starting with Neobux, the results were poor with the advertisements costing $5. But there’s been a while since I advertised there, so I don’t know the recent results, AdPrizes might have good benefit on their advertising system these days. ClixSense gave the results which I will call fine as they were not too good as well. Their ClixGrid used to be very competitive, but these days it’s advertising is not working perfectly like it used to work before. If you talk about Adhitz, then I would say that it’s a wise decision to advertise there. It provides really interesting clicks for advertisers. You should choose network ad at Adhitz. AdHitz is concentrating these days on providing great quality to advertisers than on providing good payout to publishers. Scarlet-Clicks fixed exposure as well as ClixTen’s fixed exposure is a must-try advertising system if you have more advertising budget left in your pocket.

P.30) Got sales! But the payment processors fees are way too high, what to do?

S.30) There is nothing you can do with that, their fees are too high, specifically Payza’s fees and all PTC owners know that. The only thing you can do is add some extra fees to every of the product. There is always an option in all aurora scripts to have some fees at all products.

P.31) Payza froze up my funds? I don’t know what to do!

S.31) Don’t worry. You will get your funds in your Payza account in 7 days without getting any problem in your Payza account.

P.32) Members are withdrawing through PerfectMoney and advertisers are buying through PayPal or Payza, I am getting short on PerfectMoney funds, what to do?

S.32) You should add some advantages to PerfectMoney purchase so that advertisers purchase by choosing that payment processor. Like 15% discount through PerfectMoney, Doubling the purchased item promo, purchasing through PerfectMoney contest, etc. This would definitely help you to get sales through PerfectMoney or at whichever payment processor you are short in.

P.33) Someone disputed after purchasing the item and using it. How could I win the dispute?

S.33) It’s very much easy to win it if you have this ToS: All the payments done to this site by advertisers and members are completely non-refundable, however we try our best to solve any problems occurring with them. And if the payment made to us gets disputed by member or advertiser, that will lead to permanent suspension of their account. You can easily tell about it to the payment processor and they will surely make decision in your favor.

P.34) I got hack attempt in my inbox, I am getting afraid. What to do in order to be safe from it?

S.34) There is not much danger included in it. All you have to do is to copy the IP written in the e-mail, then open your site’s cPanel > IP Deny Manager > and then add your IP. Then the IP will be blocked and it will no more be able to access your site.

P.35) Can I put Google Adsense ads on my site?

S.35) Of course NOT! It’s direct violation of Google Adsense terms.

P.36) What are the basic ways of attracting advertisers?

S.36) These are the few regular ways to attract advertisers:

1) Have most of the payment processors enabled for purchase.
2) Have a great template/design with super attracting banners.
3) Don’t make your prices too high.
4) State your site’s stats on homepage.
5) Have as much advertising options as you can.
6) Make very interesting specials and discounts.
7) Have live support or provide them amazing activity in support tickets if they need information regarding any product.
8) Try making the purchasing option/procedure as much easy and clear as you can.
9) Include your Alexa ranking on homepage if it is any good.
10) Have very less popups and banner spaces at homepage and store page.
11) Must make offers in different forums as well, such as, you will get more sales.
12) Have a good .com domain name.
13) Provide them geo-graphic advertising.
15) If you can target the countries, advertise your site to especially non-Asian countries, as most of the Asians are not advertisers and are just earners.

P.37) Should I attach the forums with my site?

S.37) You should but you should not at the same time. It might affect the advertisers and members but that is better than the forum having continuous junk. You will get very much bots posting in your forums which could cause your sites some problems. You should only have it if you have lots of free time or a moderator moderating the forum and deleting the stuff. The bots are mainly in SMF, so you should not choose it. But if you are having any moderator to look after it, you can have it. Deny the IP’s that most bots have. This would surely cost you a lot of hardwork and time. You can include the IP addresses to IP denial settings through your website’s cPanel.

P.38) My PayPal got limited! What to do now?

S.38) First of all, calm down, then think of a solution. If you had 100% of the money in your PayPal account, then there is nothing you can do but sell your site to an owner which could keep good care of your site. But if you had just 70% or less than 70% of the funds in your PayPal account, then try to do what Neobux’s admin did in past. Do not let your members know about it. Just create lots of specials or doubling promos and try to increase the time of payment since you will need to stand up again. When trying these things, try calling PayPal as well, they might get in your favor and release your funds again. At this condition, fight till last second, without scamming any good member.

P.39) What are the ways to earn other than sales?

S.39) There are many other earning ways as well which you can apply to get some extra money like:

1. Banner spot: You can place an Adhitz ad at some of the banner spots which could make you some money.
2. PTP earnings: You can place link ads by including your PTP links of other sites. Like a site pays $0.0002 per PTP click, you can have it in your link ads and value it $0.0001. So for every hit, you will get $0.0001. Plus you might get some referrals too.
3. Integrate Virool videowall for extra earnings.
4. Integrate other offerwalls such as CrowdFlower to your website.
5. Apply PTCWall (they include free integration on support) to your website.
6. Run some fixed ads with your own referral links of other GPT website at which you are upgraded.

P.40) Is there any replacement of Adhitz?

S.40) Currently, there is no good replacement of Adhitz.

P.41) Which auto-traffic exchange sites should I use to get free traffic?

S.41) I use these auto-traffic exchange sites and get lots of unique hits daily:

Remember, you should NOT hope for any kind of member or advertiser by this traffic exchange method. It is only to get higher Alexa ranking and to get more unique hits. In simple words, they are quantity without quality.

P.42) From where can I take the backup of my website?

S.42) If you are using cPanel, go to your website’s cPanel and choose “backups” option from all the listed categories. Go to that option and select “Full Website Backup”. Then your website’s backup link will be listed in seconds. You may click on it if you’d like to download it, otherwise it will simply stay in your cPanel’s file manager and will cover your hosting website space.

P.43) Advertising on NeoBux fixed exposure, is it a good idea?

S.43) At very first, you should check your hosting statistics as advertising on NeoBux can be a great disaster. Once the fixed exposure is started, it cannot be changed. If your website is running on shared hosting, there is 99% possibility that your site will go down in no time. To advertise at NeoBux, you need best dedicated server plan and not only that, you need it with a good hosting service too.

P.44) How to add live chat?

S.44) Simply go to, submit your website and get the code. Copy that code and place it within the head code of your template’s file.

P.45) How to make the website speed faster?

S.45) Best way to make your website’s speed faster is to optimize images and to use as much lesser images on the homepage as possible.

P.46) Where can I see that my website is best-optimized? Where can I optimize the images?

S.46) There is sort of a secret which I am going to tell you in this question, and you are gonna love it. Go here: Search for your website’s performance. Once the searching is done, you will see a list of problems in it saying that it could be optimized. Simply go to the images option and see which of your images can be optimized, link would be given to the optimized images. Open all the links, save the images to your desktop, then replace the images through your website’s cPanel. This is gonna save your large amount of Bandwidth and will give increase in loading speed of your website WITHOUT any damage to the quality of images you will replace.

“My posts/articles/images are not allowed to be stolen/copied anywhere at Cyber space. Doing so will allow me to take a legal action against the copier.”

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