Boost Alexa Ranking – Use these tricks to boost Alexa ranking!


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Boost Alexa Ranking

Boost Alexa Ranking

**The free methods given below are fully tested by me and work superb! I have managed to boost Alexa ranking of one of my websites from 1000k to less than 50k!**

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Boost Alexa Ranking – Use these tricks to boost Alexa free! I have been exploring the ways of boosting Alexa ranking for years. Alexa ranking might not be too accurate, but it has become one of the most attracting points of advertisers’s scouting.

If you have dollars then increasing your Alexa ranking is not a big deal, as you can simply advertise your website and get boost to it. But in most cases, people don’t have enough budget to advertise their websites, and this post is for such people.

So, what are the ways of increasing the Alexa ranking for free?


1. Alexa Toolbar

Alexa ranking boosts up if someone having Alexa toolbar visits your website/blog. Even a single person having the toolbar and visiting your web-page can make quiet a difference. So what’s the point here? You SHOULD have Alexa Toolbar installed while visiting your own website/blog. The more you’ll visit your website, the more your Alexa ranking would increase.

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Download Alexa Toolbar here:

You may also download any page refresher (extension) in your browser and set it’s timer to 60 seconds while having this alexa toolbar, and simply leave it as is opened. This will also give you a good boost!


2. Free Website Submissions


If your website/blog is pretty young, you should apply the following tool to gain some great Back-links:

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Free website submissions:

At this website, simply enter the main details of your website and ping it for free.

This could be a bit harmful if you are already playing good with SEO, which is why, I recommend it only for new websites/blogs.


3. HitLeap – Free Auto-Traffic Exchange with Alexa Toolbar


This has also become one of the most effective ways of increasing your Alexa ranking. Have the software by registering through the following URL:


After looking at the first point of this post, you might have noticed that how you can have tens of hundreds of users visiting your blog/website HAVING Alexa Toolbar. This free auto-traffic exchange software is the answer. It includes Alexa Toolbar integrated with it’s software which lets you power-on your Alexa position.

At the very end of this post, good luck with your website’s Alexa ranking!

“My posts/articles are not allowed to be stolen/copied anywhere at Cyber space. Doing so will allow me to take a legal action against the copier.”


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  1. duck4buck says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips! I have gained less than 500k ranking with these tricks! 😀 😀

  2. tictactoe says:

    Decreased more than 500k Alexa ranking within 3 days using your boost tricks… This is insane! O_o

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Kotty_kat says:

    This tutorial is impressive… I tried this all and successfully earned a great spot at Alexa. But now, I have purchased membership at Hitleap so that I can get even better result!

  4. Billy Boy says:

    Any tutorial to get free traffic as well to my website?

  5. M.Raja
    M.Raja says:

    Hey all of you, don’t forget to subscribe to this website in order to get updates of similar posts in upcoming weeks! 😉

  6. J.Kenney says:

    Can I use these tricks on a website using Adsense advertisements?

  7. Ghost1_0 says:

    Will buying HitLeap membership help me in getting more traffic?

  8. Michael says:

    I had to search for this website a lot to thank you for such a nice post! It helped me to gain a lot of goodness in my Alexa ranking! 😀

    Keep up the good work & Thanks!

  9. M.Raja
    M.Raja says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe to the updates by just entering your e-mail address! 😉

  10. Tyson says:

    I’d like to recommend these tricks to everyone! They worked awesome for me! 😀

  11. Alexa says:

    Is Alexa Internet ranking actually worth something? I mean, does it show the correct ranking of the website?

  12. rabii says:

    hi , nice work admin but i have small question : how make him from time i mean software hitleap how much time need to word because i listening someone tell me if you lunch this software long time you will be hurts you ranking on alexa is that’s true or false thax you for listening.

    • M.Raja
      M.Raja says:

      Nope, it’s not like that at all. Simply make it run for as long as you can. It won’t damage your Alexa ranking. The more it gives you hits = the better your alexa ranking gets.

  13. Sophia says:

    Complete package to boost Alexa ranking in single free post…Nice! 🙂

  14. rabii says:

    Hi , M,raja have another question what about Free Website Submissions how much used this trick i used one day or every day or on one week , thank you for hope .

    • M.Raja
      M.Raja says:

      Well, I’d recommend to use it every 15 days. However this website provides bad quality back-links, so if you could, try joining some interesting forums and put your website’s URL’s at it’s signature space.

  15. Bijaya Ghimire says:

    Very informative and doable. Thanks

  16. Ritesh Jha says:

    I am working for a website, that alexa was approx 13000, but now last 10-15 days it will increase and crossed 26000 in india, can you explore why it happen and how to mange it once again?

    Website is –

  17. Gary says:

    Hey, is this boost alexa ranking trick still working in 2016?

  18. Bếp Nhà Việt says:

    Your tricks to boost Alexa ranking worked like charm! I’ve attracted a lot of advertisers! Thanks a lot for such a great tutorial!

  19. 2gravy says:

    I upgraded at Hitleap and advertised my website there, it really boosted my alexa ranking!

  20. Neha says:

    thanks for info hope it will work

  21. How much time to do this tutorial? 1 month? So i must buy the premium hitleap on my account? Answer please, Thanks.

  22. Alena Sham says:

    Great ways to improve alexa ranking. I am trying these already expect the last 3, i must say you hats off. thanks for sharing.

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