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Buy PTCGO Codes/Packs/Singles/Themes – Pokemon TCG Online – The craze of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) is getting more crazier every day among the players of TCG. One of the most confusion-making question for the ones looking forward to be rich/to reach the completion deck at PokemonTCGO, where to purchase Pokemon TCGO stuff (buy PTCGO stuff)?

UPDATE: If you’d like to purchase packs in little amount (50-100 Packs) or custom cards, contact our live support right here, we’ll provide you at the cheapest rate!

1. eBay:

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One of the most frequently used method by purchasers of getting TCGO codes is At eBay, there are offers ranging from $0.20-$0.40. I’d say that $0.20 offers are perfect if you are going to continue using eBay since they not only give you codes, they also offer you reputations which may sound awesome if you have any planning of selling something at online-shop eBay.

2. TrollandToad:

I would definitely not go in the favor of this one. They charge way more than the code’s actual value. At the least, they want $0.60 per code which is absolutely madness to pay.

3. Stop2Shop:

Previously, I called $0.60 “madness” to pay per code, and this one, takes $1.30 per code. Not recommended option at all in my opinion.


Not recommended either as they charge $0.80 for each booster code.

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5. Professor-oak:

Not completely recommended but still, cheaper than most. Pricing for each Pokemon TCGO Booster code card is $0.50.


Well this one is similar to eBay since people-meet-people at this one. Pricing goes from $0.20-$0.40.


Good one if you’d like to purchase in bulk (like 50 for $20.00). But, pretty too much costly if you want to buy in singles or something similar ($1.00 for 1 pack code).


Not very much recommended due to high price per booster pack, somewhat like $0.80 to $1.10 per pack.

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After reviewing all, I’d say that the best options available as of now are eBay and PokeGym Forums as at both of the websites, buyer and seller meet each other without any commission of anyone. However, there might be someone selling code cards at extremely expensive price at these 2 websites, so you should take a good look at all the offers before making any decision and purchasing from anyone.

***Short at wallet?

If you are not able to spend much money on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, you better:
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-Enter forums TCGO packs giveaways.
-Enter TCGO tournaments to win prizes such as booster packs.
-Enter YouTube’s giveaways.

At very last, I hope I helped you in making your decision. Happy day!

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    Where can I get free packs?

  2. M.Raja
    M.Raja says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe at AnimePolls as well as RajasTutorials to get updates of new freebies at Pokemon TCGO!

  3. Gramma says:

    Great post! Helped me in choosing the website from which I should purchase TCGO Packs.

  4. mathews_459 says:

    It has never been more easy to buy PTCGO codes & singles! Purchased 100+ packs through PayPal from Raja, the live chat here! Recommended seller!

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