CPU Core Parked – What does this mean? What is CPU Parking?

CPU Cores Parked

CPU Core Parked

CPU Core Parked – keeps your CPU core parked, meaning in reserve and makes them in-work as soon as their need is required. You don’t need anything to enable the cores again, as the Windows will do all the work for you behind the scenes.

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-Does this affect the performance?

Actually no, it doesn’t affect the performance of your desktop/notebook. It’s just a good feature of Windows which keeps the cores off if they are not needed.

If your game isn’t giving you good speed, i.e. FPS (frames per second), and you still see the cores “Parked”, then you must know that there is nothing wrong with this feature. It’s just that your CPU is more powerful than your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit, i.e. Graphics Card). So in that case, you can’t do anything but upgrading your Graphics Card.

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-How can I disable it? Will it give me any sort of boost?

At first, you shouldn’t disable it as it won’t give you any extra speed in games or any other stuff. The only option to disable it is to do it through your system’s BIOS or using a software. Usage of software is not recommended as it could damage your CPU, but if you’d like, you can download it right here:

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Some people claim that they got a bit boost to their games using this software, but honestly, it didn’t increase even a single digit of FPS at any of my games (I played “Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World” using PlayStation 2 (PS2) Emulator, Blur, GTA San Andreas at high configuration). So I wouldn’t like to recommend this software here.

Any questions or queries? Comment right here.

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  1. AnonymousGhost says:

    So… should I simply ignore this CPU Parking thing as it doesn’t give me increase in performance?

    • M.Raja
      M.Raja says:

      I’d say… yes! Ignore it. It will do all the work itself behind the scene, as I previously told in my post. Microsoft Windows is just brilliant! 😉

  2. Jeice says:

    How can I disable CPU core parking?

    • M.Raja
      M.Raja says:

      Well, firstly, there is no need to disable CPU core parking. Instead, just ignore it.

      But, if you’d really like to remove it, read the bottom of my post.

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