Dell Latitude e6410 Core i5 – Review

Dell Latitude e6410






Temperature/Heat Up/Fan







  • Great Performance
  • Includes Fingerprint Reader, Web Camera, BlueTooth, WiFi, etc.
  • Great Stlye/Color choices
  • Uses LED screen
  • Sort of cheap in Price


  • Bad gaming experience (talking about Intel graphics here)
  • Latitude ON Reader feature needs Microsoft Outlook (costing $100)

Dell Latitude e6410

Dell Latitude e6410 Core i5 (Review)

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Dell Latitude e6410 Core i5 is a powerful 14.1-inch notebook, having a great battery backup duration. This notebook uses 64-bit i5-520m processor which holds L3 3MB Cache and SSE4.2 (+ all previous ones). With all this, the buy has the choice to choose from Intel HD Graphics (with 1.7GB integrated memory) or NVIDIA NVS 3100M (with 512MB dedicated memory). Playing good games with good quality/resolution settings require the nVidia graphics card and not the Intel graphics. Other than this, it includes web camera, fingerprint reader, latitude ON reader, back-lit keyboard, track-point button, wifi, bluetooth & windows 7 professional key.

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-Weight, dimensions & style:

This notebook inspires by it’s style as well as by it’s variety of colors. The silver color of this notebook leaves the other colors aside, in my opinion. The 14.1″ WXGA Anti-Glare LED Display (with maximum resolution 1280×800) is a good savior of power and works great with most tasks.

The starting weight of this notebook with 4-cell battery is 4.26 lbs/1.93 kg. However, the weight varies if you choose a good battery (i.e. 9-cell battery).

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-Performance & Heat-Up:

This notebook impresses me by it’s great performance (not talking here about gaming). I use tens of heavy softwares on it at the same time and still it never lags, which is simply superb. It can flawlessly bring you a good time with HD videos, internet browsing, etc, mostly without any noise of fan.

Temperature of this laptop is just fine. Even with all the applications such as Microsoft Office, Camtasia, Chrome, Skype, HD Videos and  Photoshop running at the same time would’nt be enough to heat up this laptop.

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-Gaming & Graphics card:

Laptop with Intel graphics card is never good for gaming, not at all. This laptop, with Intel graphics, has same problem too. With it’s Intel graphics, I was not even able to play the games of year 2009 with high quality (with low quality, they are just fine).

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However, so far I haven’t discussed the nVidia Graphics performance with this laptop. The combination of nVidia NVS 3100M 512MB gDDR3 Graphics Card and this laptop can allow you to play the games of years upto 2010 with high quality. You can even play most games of 2011-2012 with less quality/resolution settings, which could work with 100% speed. I played GTA: San Andreas, Blur AcTiVision, Dragonball Z: Infinite World (through Playstation 2 Emulator) with maximum settings and all worked absolutely perfect.

-Latitude ON reader:

LatitudeON (on the left)

Latitude ON (on the left)

Latitude ON reader button is at the left in the above screenshot. At first, I’d like to tell that this feature (talking about Latitude ON “reader” here) is useless if you haven’t purchased Microsoft Outlook (which is quite expensive).

If you have purchased Microsoft Office (even the first 2003 version will make it working), first you will have to set it up. After configuring Microsoft Outlook, you can continue to install the driver of Latitude ON Reader. Once you have configured it all, be sure that you tick this feature in your BIOS. This feature is cool if all goes well, it gives you an instant access to your e-mail account and some other useful stuff with the “smelling” of your battery.


Dell Latitude e6410 Core i5 includes a good HD Webcam, HQ Speakers and an improved version of Microphone if compared to Dell’s previous versions. Watching/capturing videos is a good deal with this notebook, however, as a personal opinion, I don’t like the quality of HD camera.

-Input Devices:

This notebook includes a good Fingerprint Reader, instead of entering passwords from time-to-time, one can easily just use the Fingerprint Reader (if it is all set up), so it does help a lot. The keyboard of this machine also includes that pointing stick at the middle of the keyboard (I don’t like this button at all in my personal opinion). With this, it includes a great back-lit keyboard, to help you type without the need of light.

-WiFi & Bluetooth:

It includes super fast Intel Centrino 802.11 WiFi and Dell Wireless 3755 Bluetooth to give you a great speed in transferring of data.


This 14.1-inch notebook impressed me. As a whole, I love it’s features which can come in handy time-to-time, such as HD Web-Camera, Finger-Print Reader, Latitude ON Reader (if you have Microsoft Outlook), Back-lit keyboard, etc. It is easy to configure it from inside, for example adding RAM, replacing Fan and other stuff with a single screw. I love it’s performance, and it can run upto like 6 heavy applications (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Camtasia, HD Video, Internet Explorer, etc.) at the same time without any annoying noise of fan and without getting hot at all. Overall, one of the best laptops I purchased of the year 2010.

Good luck with your decision if you haven’t bought this notebook yet! 🙂

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