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Dell Latitude e6500 Core 2 Duo




Temperature/Heat Up









  • Good Performance
  • Great Style/Color choices
  • Includes BlueTooth, WiFi, Mic, good Speakers, etc.
  • Sort of cheap in Price


  • Heats up fast during even 50% CPU usage
  • Uses DDR2 RAM technology
  • Bad gaming experience (talking about Intel graphics here)
  • Uses LCD screen & a large one too!
Dell Latitude e6500 Core 2 Duo

Dell Latitude e6500

Dell Latitude e6500 – Dell Latitude e6500 Core 2 Duo is a good and powerful notebook by Dell. This low-budget notebook is perfect for the users who use Photoshop, Microsoft Office and other light/medium-sized applications on battery. It includes all the basic stuff like Bluetooth, WiFi, Microphone, etc. with some great on-order extra stuff like Finger-Print reader, Web-Camera, dedicated Graphics Card (NVIDIA® Quadro® NVS 160M 256MB DDR3), etc.

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Size, Screen & Style:

This notebook inspires by it’s style as well as by it’s variety of colors. The black color of this notebook leaves the other colors aside, in my opinion. But with this, it’s large LCD screen is a tough cookie too. Some might like the big screen, but some may not. However it does affect the battery for sure.

If you are anywhere near to the plan of playing games with this laptop, you should know that if you choose Intel Graphics, you better compare your game’s FPS (frames per second) with the speed of a dying turtle. This notebook (especially with Intel GMA Graphics) is useless for gaming. However, with nVidia Quadro graphics, you might get some good performance with the games having birth of 2010 or lesser.

Still, if you want to play the games on this machine with Intel GMA graphics, do not forget to read my upcoming post regarding the boost of Intel Graphics (all kinds). That would definitely give you something like 40%-60% boost, which is massive. The URL of that tutorial will be posted in comments on this page as soon as it gets up.

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Cooling, Fan & Temperature:

If you are running any sort of light application, which uses under 50% of CPU usage, you are probably safe even from the noise of this notebook’s fan. However, going over 50% CPU usage would accelerate your laptop’s integrated fan, going over 75% CPU usage will make your laptop’s temperature sky-rocketing, and finally, going over 85% could “hang” it all for ya! This is a for-sure thing. However, even at this case, nVidia GPU could make a fine difference. That way, the CPU won’t have to face off all the load.

Getting a cooling pad could do some good, but that’s just only if you have plugged in your e6500 adapter. This way, the cooling pad won’t do any bad on health of your notebook’s battery.

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This is one of the good notebooks of Dell Latitude ‘e’ series. This machine is superb if you work with light-medium applications on battery and do not like gaming. As myself, a gamer, I tried 2 games on this machine (with Intel GMA Graphics) and found that none worked good. I tried to play Blur and Dragon Ball: Infinite World (using PCSX2) on it. Both of the games worked at their half (or even lesser) speed. So this machine is not recommended for even basic games. Watching HD videos is just fine on it. Videos do not fire up the temperature, however, after 20-30 minutes, you will start hearing the fan.

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Good luck with your decision if you haven’t bought this notebook yet!

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