How to increase Google Adsense RPM – Upto 200% easily in few minutes!

How to increase Google Adsense RPM? Want to increase your Google Adsense RPM? You are at the correct page!

In this post, I am going to show you that how exactly you can increase your Adsense RPM revenue by up to 200%!

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> Follow the simple instructions to increase your RPM:


1. The first thing you have to do is to login at your Google Adsense account. Once you login, look at the middle-top of the page, there you will see the tab of “Performance Reports”, click on it.


2. Once it loads, you will see the scroll bar at the left of the page under the title of “Common reports”. Scroll it till the bottom and you will find the button titled “Ad networks”, click it.


3. Once it opens, you will have to select the date range (located at the right side of the page). Select “Last 30 Days”.

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4. After selecting the date range of last 30 days, you will see a list of Ad Networks. There, click on “Ad request RPM”. This will re-order the Network names according to their increasing RPM. Once you get this list, you got all you need. Copy the websites with less RPM (I’d say that copy the list of websites to the wordpad having less than $0.25 RPM).


5. Now go to the tab named “Allow & block ads”. It will show you 5 tabs there, click at “Ad networks”. At this tab, you will see the Search Box. Search each and every Ad network which had less RPM value (as you found on step no.4) and simply click on the tick (as it is enabled by default) to disable that Network’s advertisements.

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*THEN YOU ARE ALL DONE!* From now on, according to my suggestion, if you have chosen the list of Network websites having less than $0.25 RPM, you will from now on receive better RPM Network ads. But you need to note that:

Do not disable Google Adwords advertisements even if it has extremely less RPM, somewhat like $0.20, because this way, there will be extremely less advertisements for the viewers of your website and ultimately it would result in extremely less or even no ads sometimes from some countries.

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You need to follow these instructions every month to keep the low-RPM advertisements away from your website.

Regarding the percentage of Google Adsense RPM increase...
This has worked pretty well with my Google Adsense earnings in past, it should work good with you too! However “200%” increase is not guaranteed, it is just an example which could affect your earnings at the maximum.

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  1. MoNey says:

    You are making good improvements! 🙂

  2. Adams J. says:

    Successfully increased my rpm… Exciting! 😀

  3. Uvy says:

    Can you teach to increase the CPM earnings of Google Adsense as well?

  4. Uvy says:

    I forgot to say thanks for this tutorial! ;-P

  5. angery says:

    Applied it last month, and it worked for me so awesome! 🙂

  6. Mohammad Bakhtiar (Raja)

    My next tutorial will teach to increase Google Adsense CPM earnings as well… totally. 🙂

  7. money says:

    I am enjoying your great tips! Keep such tutorials up! 😀

  8. David Pheng says:

    Hey Raja
    It said no data When i click on Ad networks
    Any Idea?
    My adsense is hosted account

    • M.Raja
      M.Raja says:

      Well that’s the problem, this modification doesn’t work on hosted accounts of Adsense.

      In my upcoming posts, I will be showing the way of increasing monthly income in Hosted accounts of Adsense so make sure that you subscribe at! 😉

  9. Blitz says:

    Nice post!

  10. M.Raja
    M.Raja says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe to in order to receive more tips & tricks to increase your Google Adsense earnings! 😉

  11. Kerry C. says:

    Very helpful tutorial!

  12. Plenty of Cash says:

    Is this still working in 2015? I logged into my adsense, click on the Common Report, but there is no button titled Ad Network.

    All am seeing is
    Ad Unit
    Entire Account by day

    My adsense is a non-hosted.
    I will be back for your reply.


  13. Sonia says:

    its interesting but don’t found ad network in common reports it is in advance report now what to do?

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