Intel HD Graphics Boost Performance in Notebooks – Unique tips!


Intel HD Graphics Boost Performance in Notebooks – Unique tips! – The astounding performance of dedicated VGA cards such as nVidia Graphics Cards, ATi Radeon Graphics Cards, etc. in laptops & notebooks water the mouth of the gamers using Intel GMA / HD integrated graphics. Initially, with all the default settings of a notebook or a laptop, having an integrated graphics card, provides an extremely poor performance in games. However, one can follow this tutorial and increase the performance of Intel GMA / HD graphics card by 50% or even more.

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So, let’s begin with the steps:

1) Install the driver + Setting up of Graphics settings:

Find a suitable updated graphics driver for your Intel graphics card and install it. After installing it, go to your desktop, right click and select “Graphics Properties…”. Then, a window will appear containing all the settings of your integrated Intel HD or GMA graphics card. Select “3D” tab and make the stuff like this:

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Intel HD Preferred Settings

Intel HD Preferred Settings


2) Unplug the battery – improve your battery life + your gaming performance!

Disconnecting Laptop Battery

On battery, a notebook cannot work at the peak of it’s performance percentage. It is one of the main causes of the deadly FPS (frames per second) of a game which is being played on a laptop. To improve the performance of your game, you need to unplug your battery. The reason of it is that, when a high-graphics game starts, it heats up the whole system, including battery. When a battery reaches the certain high amount of temperature, it starts to slow down the speed of the processor, graphics card and some other important stuff. This not only damages/decreases the FPS of your game, but also the battery life of your notebook.

So, unplugging the battery till you play the game can play an important role in speeding up your game.

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3) The old basic tips of improving your game’s performance:

Do try to follow all of these tips, they are tiny but can have a bit of improvement:
– Close all the running processes including the useless background processes.
– Disable the Aero theme (to save RAM if you lack at it).
– Try to run the game in Lowest mode (low resolution/low graphics).
– Keep your notebook at cold atmosphere. Try to run a Cooling Pad or something similar.
– Disconnect the hardware stuff you are not using such as Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.


At the very end of this post, good luck with your Intel GMA / HD Graphics Card performance! I know it sucks, but following the above tricks and tips (especially having out the battery from your notebook) can make a decent effect! 🙂

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  1. Harshit says:

    Un-plugging battery is a very weird but excellent trick. Now I can use my notebook like a gaming system. O_O

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