What makes Loci one of the Top 10 ICOs to watch in 2018?

Loci – Thinking better, together!

There have been many ICOs (initial coin offerings) this year and many of the projects failed before even getting started, of course after collecting some funds from the users. Choosing the right project to invest in takes your time in investigating about the project insights, its team, road-map, etc. The coin, for which I’m currently writing this article, has been predicted to be one of the most successful ICOs in 2018 by Loci is, like many other new coins, based on Ethereum blockchain. The main idea is of this coin is best expressed by its CEO:

“Getting an idea protected with a patent is a convoluted, expensive, and risky process–but blockchain technology can fix that. We have created a platform that empowers the inspired inventor with a much quicker and safer alternative in making money from their great ideas,” says Loci CEO John Wise.

About ICO & offical website:

The ICO has been divided into three parts, and each part lasts approximately 10 days. More details of current part of ICO in which you can make your purchase may be found on official website of Loci, which is: https://locipro.com/

Base rate & exchange:

The base rate for each loci coin is set to be $2.50. In the ICO, you can get each loci at a very discounted rate. The coins will be introduced on many exchanges right after the ICO, after 1st January, 2018. Moreover, there’s no fixed date for first exchange launching this coin, so it can be expected at any time of upcoming month (January).

Total pre-mined coins:

There’ll be total of One Hundred Million pre-mined loci tokens, well this seems a lot but the distribution of these tokens is fair enough, I’ll say. According to official Twitter account of Loci (https://twitter.com/Loci_io), token distribution will be somewhat like this:

  • 50% Allocated to Launch Supporters

  • 5% Non-profit Fund

  • 11% Team, Advisors, Partners

  • 34% Reserved to Purchase IP and Reward Platform Users

About the team & road-map:

The team has many experienced personalities with three of them on top, who are, John Wise the CEO of the project who came up with the idea of Loci after seeing many innovations in his life, Brian Hwang the director of operations who has been a part of many successful businesses in the past and Eric Ross the director of technology who seems to be the backbone of the project. The road-map, shown below, seems to be pretty clear but with no exact dates of implementations. Instead of telling about the exact months or time, they’re going with the four quarters. Not to mention, from now on, the actual examination of the project starts. Till now, the things which have seen completion were not difficult to complete.


The project “Loci”, as predicted by many popular organizations, seems to be very promising. Currently, it’s only its start and it seems to have gained a good number of people in its community and it’s constantly rising. The activity on social media, official website, bitcointalk, etc, is showing that the team is interested in maximizing the scope of the project. The ICO price looks very cheaper than base price, which can be pretty good for both, short-term and long-term gains. The project as a whole, looks very interesting to me, however, one should always work out on his own as well before putting their money on anything.

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