Mewtwo EX Review – “Trump Card” of Pokemon TCG

Mewtwo EX Card (ND)

Mewtwo EX Review – “Trump Card” of Pokemon TCG – Mewtwo EX has become one of the essential parts of a Pokemon deck since the release of it in Next Destinies. It is being used in approximately 90% standard format decks of Pokemon Trading Card Game. Let’s have a bit overview that why it is so cool and useful card:

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-Easy-to-Reach Attack Cost:

Mewtwo EX got a total of two attacks, X Ball & Psydrive. Actually, the first attack of it (X Ball) is the main reason of this card being added in most of the decks. It costs just 2 stars energy, which can be purchased by assigning a single DCE (Double Colorless Energy). Afterwards, according to it’s effect, the more energy cards you add, the better the attack gets. A single energy does 20 damage to the opponent’s active Pokemon. If we add a total of 4 energy, the total damage will be 80.
The other attack (Psydrive) of the Mewtwo EX card is hardly used (usually in only Psychic-type decks). It does 120 damage to the opponent’s active Pokemon and costs 2 Psychic Energy + an energy of any type (star). After the dealing of it’s damage, an energy should be discarded from Mewtwo EX.

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-Big HP:

Mewtwo EX has a total of 170 HP which is powerful enough for a player to resist a good amount of turns (except for some exceptional cases).

-Weakness Type:

Mewtwo EX has the Psychic type weakness which is good enough to fight against all types other than the Psychic. In case of battling against the Psychic-type deck, most of the Psychic-type Pokemon have the same weakness type. So if you get greater damage, you will be able to deal the same good amount too.

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-Lesser Retreat Cost:

Mewtwo EX got the retreat cost of just 2 energy stars, which is considered just fine in most conditions of the game.

-Usable in all Energy-type Decks:

One of the biggest advantages of Mewtwo EX card is it’s 2 colorless energy requirement. If you are having a Water type deck, the Water energies can be used for the X Ball attack of Mewtwo EX, which is simply perfect. Same goes with the other decks using other type of Energy cards.
In conclusion, it would be a bad decision to go without Mewtwo EX in the making of any sort of deck (especially the power-based decks). However, in Dark-type decks, Yveltal EX has replaced Mewtwo EX because of the better attack power. But the main cause of Yveltal EX not being used commonly in most of the decks like Mewtwo EX, is it’s darkness energy requirement.

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