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Optimize Website – Optimize Website Bandwidth / Disk Space / CPU Usage For FREE! At very first of this post, I’d like to tell/remind that there is nothing known as “UNLIMITED” at Cyber space. Most web-hosting services claim to have packages with unlimited bandwidth/disk space. Unfortunately, everything like that is totally wrong. Every web hosting service set their big quotas and let it have the name “unlimited/infinity/∞”. Usually they think that no one would be able to cross their set quotas but when someone does, the system automatically suspends the website which could be a big disaster for the delivering of traffic to the hosted website.

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Let’s come to the topic now, what steps should you take in order to stay good at the statuses of disk space/bandwidth resources & thus, optimize website of yours?

-Less Images = Less Bandwidth Usage!


Websites using many images got a big disadvantage over the ones using lesser amount of images in SEO. Why is that? Firstly, images consume much more bandwidth due to their bigger size which is why, many professionals do not recommend using heavy images on webpages. Secondly, do remember that Search Engines are only aware of text on the page which is why, in simple words, using images at the place where text may be used can destroy your Search Engine Optimization’s (SEO’s) results!

-Use only Compressed Images!

Images could be compressed greatly, without losing much quality. Compressing images help greatly in less bandwidth consumption and thus, lesser page loading time. Want to compress images? Look at the URL given at the bottom of this post.


-Use only Compressed CSS & HTML!

Just like images, CSS Stylesheet files and HTML files can be compressed as well. Again, you may check out the website’s URL given at the bottom of this post in order to compress the CSS/HTML files.


-Using jQuery library? Use Google to host it for you!

If you use the jQuery library and got it hosted on your hosting service, you better remove it and start using Google’s Hosting to have it. For example, for jQuery 1.7.2, you may use jQuery library hosted on Google’s servers instead of having it at your website’s hosting service:

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Let Google face off your jQuery file’s load!


-Optimize website with this free online tool!

If you want to highly increase performance of your website without any loss in quality, analyze the performance of your website and get all the compressed files for free! Simply enter your website’s URL here at this website:

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“My posts/articles are not allowed to be stolen/copied anywhere at Cyber space. Doing so will allow me to take a legal action against the copier.”

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  1. Harshit says:

    My website is now super-compressed… THANKS A LOT! 🙂

  2. Moin says:

    Thanks for the nice post! Reduced my bandwidth usage by reducing the images size to 50% of original size after I used the website’s URL you have given. 🙂


  3. Shet01 says:

    Nice tutorial! 🙂

  4. M.Raja
    M.Raja says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe to RajasTutorials.com! 😉

  5. Robert_ says:

    Great tips Yo!

    Completely optimized my website with your tutorial! 🙂

  6. NiceTips says:

    Nice tips to optimize website.

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