Payza frozen funds – What are frozen funds at

Frozen funds at Payza

Payza frozen funds – What are frozen funds at – Opened a new website or purchased an old website? Did someone purchase any product? Through Payza? I bet if you are on this page, you will answer these three questions “Yes”.

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OK, now let’s get serious. So you don’t know about frozen funds in Well, don’t worry! These frozen funds do melt easily! What do you have to do?

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That’s the key to get them available in your Payza account. They are simply on-hold by Payza for sometime, and they usually release them within 7 days without any investigation of your Payza account (unlike PayPal).


But, if it’s actually your first purchase through Payza, then you must have been disappointed by the amount of their fees. That’s huge, eh? Well yeah, that’s gigantic! There is a formula of their fees, you can have a look at it below:

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Payza Fees


Unfortunately, you can’t do anything at all to avoid their extra-large amount of fees. If you truly want to avoid it, try using some other payment processor such as PayPal/Solid Trust Pay/Skrill/PerfectMoney. However, if you ask me, I’d say that Payza is the safest of all as of now to keep money in. PayPal got limitations in their sleeves, PerfectMoney runs on similar scheme of LibertyReserve (which suddenly got closed by some USA terms violation).

In order to help you, I should mention it here that almost 90% of my purchases come through PayPal payment processor while I do have all the popular payment processors available for purchase. So you should know that most of the people use PayPal as their primary e-currency account.

If you need any help regarding any e-payment processor, simply comment below and I’ll be happy to assist you. As of 2015, it’s my 6th year to work with these e-currency accounts. I do have a lot of experience!

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