Pokemon TCGO (Trading Card Game Online) Details + Free Giveaways!

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Pokemon TCGO

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Pokemon TCGO (Trading Card Game Online) Details + Free Pack Giveaways! – Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) booster packs contain special “TCGO” code card. Each booster pack contains 1x code card and thus, provides just 1x online booster pack. So where can you use this code?

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In order to redeem it, go to the above website and register an account. After registering, go to the page named “Download”. There you will get the Pokemon TCGO Installer. Open it and launch the game.

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Pokemon TCG B&W Legendary Treasures

Pokemon TCG B&W Legendary Treasures

As of the first opening, the launcher will take some time (this won’t happen in future openings). Then, use your login details (i.e. the details you used to register with). After logging in, you may proceed to the page named as “redeem”. At the redeem page, simply put your “code” found in the code card of real booster pack. Once you redeem it, you will get 1x of the same booster pack in your online TCGO account to open. Then you will have to go to the page named as “collection”, once you go there, click at “packs”. When you enter that tab, you will see the booster pack which you redeemed. Simply double-click that booster pack to open it. If you want to have free booster packs, go here and comment to get them:

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Go there and simply post your TCGO username in the Giveaway thread in order to get free packs.

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  1. XxLuluxX says:

    Is username what you sign up with or the nickname shown when you battle and stuff?

    • M.B.Raja
      M.B.Raja says:

      Talking about nickname here. All you have to do is to post your nickname in order to get free boosters. But don’t forget to tell others about the giveaway, since I need 5 replies from 5 different persons in order to giveaway the packs. 🙂

  2. Primallegend says:

    cards are very limited

  3. Ghost101 says:

    Thanks for nice giveaways! 🙂

  4. heartstruck says:

    nickname: heartstruck
    hoping for cards

  5. CallMeGirl says:

    Where can I get free Packs at TCGO?

  6. Rayquaza says:

    Nickname: guo_wei_yan

  7. Arfa says:

    Nice Pokemon TCGO details! Looking forward to play this game after being inspired by Pokemon GO. 🙂

  8. Demolition2015 says:

    Can i have free codes pls??
    Name : Demolition2015

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