Program errors in C – Basics of C++ Programming

Program errors in C & C++

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Program errors in C – There are three types of program errors which can occur in C or other programming languages. These errors are explained below:

1) Syntax Error:

This type of error occurs when the rule of writing statement is violated in the programming language. Such as in C, typing print instead of printf will show the syntax error. The compiler is able to detect syntax errors.

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2) Runtime Error:

Runtime error occurs if the program tries to perform an illegal action such as dividing a number by zero. They are called runtime errors because they occur during the execution of the program. The computer stops running the program when the runtime error occurs.

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3) Logical Error:

Logical error occurs when the program follows a wrong logic. The compiler cannot detect these errors and it can result in wrong output. It is very difficult to identify the logical error.

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