Take backup of website – cPanel tutorial – How to backup website?


Take backup of website – cPanel tutorial – How to backup website? – Follow these simple steps to take the complete backup of your website.

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Open the cPanel of your website by going to the URL: yourwebsite.com/cpanel and login by typing your username and password (which must be provided to you by your web-hosting service).




After logging in to your website’s cPanel, your cPanel dashboard will open up. Scroll down the page a little and you will see the “Backups” button under the “Files” tab. Click it!

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Once the page loads, you will see the “Download a Full Website Backup” button. Simply click it to take the full website backup.

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full backup



You need to know that after you generate backup, it will take up-to 1 to 10 minutes to complete. At this page, which will be opened, you will see an Email Address input box. If you would like to be informed through Email notification about the backup completion, input your e-mail address into the box. But if you wouldn’t like that to happen, simply check the box which contains the following text:

“Do not send email notification of backup completion.”

After this e-mail input box, you will see the “Generate Backup” button. Simply click it to start generating your website’s backup.

generate backup

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Step 5:

After clicking that button, you will see the page with the following text:

“Full Backup in Progress …”

Let 2-3 minutes pass. After that, click “ Go Back” and if you would like to download the backup, you will see your backup name under “Available Backups To Download:”, here you can simply click the backup name and start downloading the backup to your computer.

backup download


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