Youtube banned in your country? Many ways to UNBLOCK Youtube!

Unblock Youtube – Has Youtube ( been banned/blocked in your country? Still want to watch videos in it? There are many ways to UNBLOCK and get access it and it’s videos!

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Time to Unblock Youtube!

Let’s start with the ways.

1. Use Proxy websites to watch Youtube videos:

Proxy websites can help you to reach your goal in no time to unblock Youtube. One of the examples is right here, visit the following website:

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This is a perfect example of using online free Proxy to unblock Simply go the URL given above, scroll down and put “” in the box then press “Enter” key. The Youtube will be able to open any video without any problem at all.

2. Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to browse Youtube videos:

VPN is another frequently used method to unblock Youtube videos. This method is mostly used at Androids/Tablets and iPhones as Google Play & App Store offers great amount of free VPN’s or VPS’s for your Tablets/Androids. If you want to use Youtube with this method, simply activate your VPN/VPS and watch videos freely.

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3. Use Plugins of Web Browsers:

Browsers like Opera and Google Chrome offers great addons/plugins for your browsing. If you want a temporary free VPN usage, simple download & install them through their stores. Once you enable them, you can easily unblock Youtube.

Good luck with the usage of using the above methods! With the help of this article, you can unblock youtube easily!

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  1. Uvy says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I opened Youtube without any problem while it is banned in my country (Pakistan).

  2. Anonymous576 says:

    Can I view banned videos as well of DailyMotion as well through these methods?

  3. Roland says:

    Youtube is banned in Brazil, can I use these tips to watch videos on it?

    • M.Raja
      M.Raja says:

      Of course you can! is banned in Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Libya, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan. All citizens of these countries may watch videos on Youtube through the tips I have given above.

  4. Ali Kazmi says:

    I found great way to use YouTube without any error, proxy, and tools, to unblock YouTube, I just use merely this website to use non stop YouTube in Pakistan.

  5. Jan says:

    This tutorial helped me to unblock youtube and unblock youtube videos… Thanks a lot for the nice tutorial!

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