WordPress Font Editor (Size, Color, Formats, Indents, etc.)


WordPress Font Editor

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WordPress Font Editor (Size, Color, Formats, Indents, etc.) – Well as this is my very first WordPress blog, and this post is one of the very first ones, I faced problem in changing the color and size of the text in posts. I struggled and downloaded a plugin or two, but it was all useless.Β At very end, I found a simple and single button which offers me these features, and it was already built-in feature of WordPress.

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All you have to do is to click the following icon while creating/editing a post:

WordPress Button


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This will show off all the options you are looking for.

Pretty simple. Isn’t it?

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“My posts/articles are not allowed to be stolen/copied anywhere at Cyber space. Doing so will allow me to take a legal action against the copier.”

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  1. Willwords says:

    Thanks for the easiest way!

  2. Broad says:

    So… all the stupid plugins I installed were useless and WP itself got this option? Nice to know that. TY!

  3. M.Raja
    M.Raja says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe! πŸ˜‰

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